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Our Lodge "In House" Member-Ship Program

The New Year brings new opportunities for our Lodge and Members.

Any male member of our Lodge who sponsors at least one new member will be invited to our "VIP" Members only party at the end of the year.

The "Members only" party will offer complimentary beverages and snacks along with entertainment.


House Committee and Social Quarters Rules

The House Committee wants to make Members aware of a few House Committee rules and rules in Moose Internationals General laws.

General Laws Section 30.4, concerns members who have  Expired or members who are in Arrears.   

Expired members, members who are in Arrears and Rejected Applicants are NOT qualified Guests.

Members who bring in guests who are not qualified risk loss of their Social  Quarters Privileges.

Members are responsible for the actions of their guests.

Guests can NOT make any purchases and must leave when the Member who signed them in leaves.

Members must have their Membership Card in their possession  at all times when they visit the Lodge or Social Quarters or they will not be permitted in the Lodge or Social Quarters.

Recently, We have had members voicing concerns about Decorum in the Social Quarters concerning language and aggressive behavior.

The House Committee and The Board of Officers will be focusing on Decorum in the Social Quarters and the Lodge.

Our new Territorial Manager visited the Lodge and we went over our House Committee policies and procedures concerning behavior in the Social Quarters and Lodge.

We were told to continue to enforce all House Committee policies and Moose International General Laws as we are.

The House Committee will place an emphasis on Lady/Gentleman like conduct.

Please respect other members and refrain from using Profane, Vulgar or Obscene language.

The result if anyone violates these policies are suspension by the House Committee.





Moose International Youth Awareness Program


 Our Lodge participates in the Youth Awareness Program every year.

This is a great Program and it gives High school age students a chance to win a College Scholarship.

Youth Awareness consists of students making presentations we refer to as "Moose Kids-Talks"

Those who participate are high school age students. The "Moose Kids-Talks" are presented to children whose age's range from 4-9 years old.

Our student representatives create presentations dealing with subject matters such as drugs and alcohol but not limited to these topics due to the fact there are many adverse elements in local communities, the students decide on a subject that they feel is prevalent at this time. The students collect as much information as possible on the subject they select by reading news articles, by using websites on the computer, the local library, etc. They compile this information and create a presentation for younger minds, so they can understand what the students are saying.

The student representatives that present these "Moose Kids-Talks"  at Preschools, After School day Cares, Elementary Schools, Head Start Programs, Sunday School Classes, Children of Lodge/Chapter members, Youth Sports Leagues, YMCA/YWCA, etc.

This year we had 1 male student, Tyler Smith. Our female student had to drop out unfortunately. Tyler represented Our Lodge and they did a Great job and made our Lodge and Chapter proud.

Gary Lininger was the Youth Awareness Committee Chairman, he and Governor Dennis Kauffman went to local schools and made presentations to the School Guidance Counselors and explained the program so they could recruit the students.

Gary Lininger and Angie Straley are our Youth Awareness Chairman and Youth Awareness Co-coordinator. Gary and Angie are really enthusiastic about this and believe in the program. We expect a great year from them and from the students they assist.

This program is very important to Moose International as well as to our Lodge and the community and we thank all of those who were involved in our Lodge.

If you have a child in grades 9th through 12th stop in the Lodge Office and we can give you information and sponsor your child into this Great program.

Thanks to everyone who helps make this a successful venture for our Lodge.


 The "Tommy Moose" Program



Who knew a 12-inch-tall plush animal could have such a grand impact?  The men and women of the Moose know—as they reach a milestone late this year of having made available their 100,000th Tommy Moose to a child who could really use a source of comfort.

When a child experiences a traumatic event – domestic violence, natural disaster, accident or otherwise – emergency services workers across the continent are turning to this unique program as it marks its sixth year of helping children in need.

The Tommy Moose program, sponsored by Moose International, provides the plush dolls to police officers, firefighters, and ambulance personnel all over North America. They keep the plush dolls in their vehicles, ready to be given to children when the children or their families are involved in fires, accidents or other traumatic situations.

Our Lodge 842, is proud to participate in The Tommy Moose program, and every year we purchase Tommy Moose's and donates them to Local Police and Fire Companys.

       All Dues Must Be Paid To

    Moose International

  Mail to:

Moose International

P.O. Box 88065

Chicago, IL 60680-1065

  Or online at:

click on quickpay



All Brothers and Co-Workers

If you have moved or changed

Your name please inform the

appropriate office to avoid

membership delays

      Effective 9/11/08

Due to the Clean Indoor Air Act

NO ONE under the age of 21

Is permitted in the Social Quarters

at anytime.


Chicken Night

Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month…

All You Can Eat!


$5.00 + tax per person

Please Use Rear Door

Lodge Meeting

Are held every 1st and 3rd Monday

Of the month (unless otherwise posted)

All MALE members in good-standing

are invited to attend.


 From the Kitchen

Lunch available 11am-2pm

Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday & Friday

Short Orders available 5-8pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

 Friday & Saturday

Dining 5-8pm, Short Orders 12-9pm*


Short Orders 1-6pm

From the Kitchen

 Friday/Saturday Dining & Chicken Night is non-smoking.

On Chicken Night Please use rear entrance.

*Band Nights kitchen is open until 10pm.

 Check the calendar for daily lunch specials

as well as Friday and Saturday Features.

There is a limited menu on Band nights

due to the number of attendee's.

Thank you for your consideration.



Note to parents:

All children’s activities will be advertised in the Social Quarters in advance.

Children are welcome in the Dining Hall / Lodge area.

Children and their Parent must remain in this area due to the Social Quarrters Area being a "Smoking Area"

Children are welcome in the Dining Area Tuesday - Saturday from 4:00pm-8:30pm,  and for all other announced children’s activities.

All Children's events will be held in the rear Lodge banquet Area.

 (Due to the Clean Indoor Air Act 9/08)

Pennsylvania State Law dictates that no minor may be present in a smoking environment.